Ice Cream Belgian Waffles

Here's a fast and furious Dessert or afternoon snack that's low in calories and high in flavor.

When I was growing up, I visited my relatives on their farm in Oklahoma.  Rolling Hills, classic farmhouse surrounded by a porch, cool mornings and warm afternoon sun.  So green you thought you were in an ocean of grass.

In the afternoons, Emmet would come back from someplace on the farm.  Nancy (his wife), both in their 70's - would whip up this treat.  Now granted, it was homemade waffles (fresh off the press), berries from outside the garden gate, and ice cream freshly made from the milk they produced on the farm.  It was amazing.

Well, fast forward 40 years and life has sped past that lazy summer, but I hope we've grabbed a bit of it for you to enjoy.

Think of this as an ice cream Belgian waffle.  It's perfect for an afternoon snack for the kids, and great for a low calorie dessert.

Instructions: There are only three ingredients to whip this up, so quality is paramount.  Chilled Fresh Berries, a high quality Ice Cream (we use a soy Ice Cream because of lower saturated fat content and some minor milk allergies), and waffles.

Now fastest and simplest are a decent quality Organic Frozen Waffle.  But if you just so happened to have made our Raised Waffles and froze the extras - even better.

Toast up the waffles (and let cool a bit), spread no more than a ¼ cup of Ice Cream over the top and slather with fresh berries.

I told you it was fast and furious.

Item Amount
Frozen Waffle 1 each
Ice Cream ¼ cup
Fresh Berries½ cup

Tips: Make sure that you use Fresh Berries - not frozen.  Were not trying to recreate McDonald's here.

Low-Fat Options: There are some wonderful low fat sherbets and sorbets available.  Hunt around for something that has low or no fat to make this incredibly healthy.