Sicilian Orange Tart

Sometimes, its nice to serve up a dessert that's decidedly different from the standard fare.  A Citrus Tart would be right up that alley.

Certainly not for everyday, but not much more effort than baking a pie, this is great to bring out on special occasions.  Recipe by Jeffery Hobbs.

Instructions: Crush enough pecan sandies to make approximately ¾ cup of crumbs. Use either a food processor or a zip-lock bag and rolling pin.

Thaw the piecrust according to directions. Spread the crumbs over the bottom. Drag some crumbs up the side of the pie shell and press into the dough. Once the sides are done, redistribute the remaining
crumbs evenly and press into the bottom.

Pre-bake the shell according to instructions. Remove from the oven and set aside to rest.

Set the oven at 350° F.

While the shell is resting, break the eggs into the mixing bowl. Stream the sugar into the eggs while whipping constantly. Continue to beat the eggs and sugar until they double in volume and they leave a 2 second ribbon. A ribbon is seen when the whip is lifted and the eggs fall back into the bowl in a continuous stream. The ribbon forms a mound, which then disappears back into the rest of the eggs. Two seconds is approximately how long the mound stays visible when the whipped eggs are ready.

Whip the orange juice into the egg/sugar mixture and pour into the still warm crust.

Place the tart into the oven and bake for about 40 minutes. The tart is ready when the top is slightly browned and the filling is firm when wiggled. Allow the tart to cool and then refrigerate.

To serve, slice the chilled tart into 8-10 equal portions. Set a slice on a plate along with a scoop of gelato and the optional mint sprig.

To dust with powdered sugar, use a flour duster, a sieve, or just sprinkle it with your fingers. Top with the optional mint.

Frozen store-bought pie crust1 ea
Bag of pecan sandies1 ea
Eggs, room temperature2 ea
Sugar½ cup
Orange juice, fresh squeezed¾ cup
To Finish:
Citrus gelato -Orange, Lemon or Lime
Mint leaves
Powdered sugar for dusting

8 servings as a Dessert.

To crush the pecan sandies with the rolling pin and bag, place the sandies in the zip-lock, squeeze out the air, and seal. Gently pound the cookies through the bag, or roll the pin back and forth until the pieces are no bigger than 1/8”.

The dessert can be spruced up by preparing a mango puree to serve as a sauce on the plate. Peel one mango and cut the flesh from the seed. The seed is one large piece that is oval and flat. It runs from end to end and through the widest part of the fruit.

Cut the mango into bite size pieces and place in a blender cup along with ¼ cup of orange juice and sugar to taste. Puree, adding more juice if necessary.

Chill and spoon onto the plate when ready to serve.

CAREFUL, Mango skin has trace amounts of the same chemical as poison oak and poison ivy. It doesn't bother most people, but if you are sensitive to poison oak, wear rubber gloves, de-skin the mango and discard the skin.

Low-Fat Options:
Not going to happen.  But you can try digging up a low fat pre-made crust, low fat pecan sandies (or similar), substituting 4 egg whites for the 2 eggs and serving with lowfat yogurt or sherbet.