Sunday Morning French Toast

French Toast. Pain Perdu, in French.  It means "Lost Bread."

Whatever you call it, French Toast can run the gamut of amazing to wilted.
It was called "Lost Bread" because it was really the best use of day old bread.  No longer soft and fresh, it needed to be reworked to taste great.

You see, as bread ages, it actually chemically changes (as it stales) - so there is a difference between "dried out bread" and day old bread.

Here, you want to use day or two old bread.  It's still fine to eat, but has the right texture to find itself again, once it becomes... well, Lost.
Instructions: Start with a single day old baguette.  I'll choose a Le Brea baguette any day.  It's not a traditional French Baguette, but it's the best damn baguette I've ever had.  This recipe is for one (1) Baguette.  So slice it up into roughly 3/4" to 1" slices, toss (or eat) the edges and throw it in a 1 gallon zipper plastic bag.

Next, measure the milk and heat it for about 75 seconds in the microwave so its tepid.  During that 75 seconds, throw the sugar, salt and vanilla in a bowl.


Now that the milk is ready, add it to the bowl and whisk away so that the sugar and salt dissolves.  Then add the eggs and whisk until blended.

Dump it in the ziplock, seal it up and let it soak overnight.  You'll want to turn it a few times before you go to bed so it soaks evenly.

Meep! Meep! Meep! Good Morning!

Stumble to the kitchen and take out the ziploc.  Put a griddle on medium low heat and bring to temperature.  Melt about a tablespoon of butter on it.  Lay out the baguette slices and cook til browned on each side.

Serve with 100% Real Maple Syrup

Item Amount
Main Ingredients:
Baguette 1 each
Milk 1½ cup
Salt3/4 tsp
Sugar2 TBS
Real Vanilla 1 tsp
Eggs5 each
Butter 1 TBS
Garnish and Serve:
100% Real Maple Syrup as needed

Tips: Mess around with the heat level - anywhere from Medium Low to Medium High.  The faster it cooks, the crustier the edges and the creamier the middle - you just want to make usre its cooked enough for your palette .

Low-Fat Options: Use low fat or skim milk.  Don't cook with Butter.