Peach Mimosas

Peach Mimosa
American Bar Mixed Drinks

Sometimes the Perfect Morning Brunch needs to be served with a standout Mimosa. The first entry into our American Bar Series of Mixed Drinks is exactly that. Don't cut corners, or you'll be left with average. And who wants average?

The keys to this drink are two-fold. First, fresh Squeezed OJ. Not Tropicana or a "Not from concentrate" version. Buy Oranges and squeeze them.

Second, use a dry peach sparkling wine. We're already on the edge of reason by choosing a peach flavored wine. We know. We're partial to the Amor De Paris brand available at Trader Joe's. However, any dry peach sparkler should work. Don't get a sweet one.

Triple Sec in the bottom, add equal parts Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice and Amor De Paris Peach Sparkling Wine.

Item Amount
Triple Sec  ½ oz
Orange Juice, Fresh Squeezed 3 oz
Amor De Paris Peach Sparkling Wine3 oz