Honest Shortbread Cookies

I love a good shortbread cookie. But that's the catch. I can't ever find one. I mean an OK one, sure. But they never have that snap. That magical mixture of 4 perfect ingredients blended together just right.

The problem is that most people blend in 5 ingredients and screw the whole thing up. They end up with a powdery tasting brick that you have to smile and eat and say, "Oh wow! It's delicious. However did you make it?" While shoving it in your pocket and hoping it won't scratch the screen on your new iPhone.

To be fair, they usually think they are using 4 ingredients. (They use Confectionaire's or Powdered Sugar, which is a blend of sugar and cornstarch.) Now you see where the powdery brick comes from.

The key is to use Castor or superfine sugar. No extra ingredients. But, even castor sugar is often just Confectionaire's. Do what I do. For the sugar, just take a few cups of sugar, throw them in a blender and pulverize until it's really fine. It won't be powdery like Confectionaire's sugar, but the grains should be really small. Put it in a jar and label in Castor sugar. That is what you use in this recipe.

If you use store-bought powdered sugar, you'll ruin these cookies.

Instructions: Preheat oven to 350.
Use a hand mixer and mix the butter on low until it has a Mayonaisse like consistency. Add the sugar a tablespoon at a time and keep mixing until the mixture looks light and fluffy. Finally, add the vanilla and mix on low for about another minute. It should be well blended.

Next, sift the flour into the mixture in two batches, mixing each by hand with a sturdy spatula or wooden spoon. Don't use the mixer here. Use the spatula to completely combine the flour with the butter mixture.

Since I forced you to use a kitchen scale, use it now to make 20 cookies at 25g/each. Flatten them out to a little over 2" and bake for about 15 minutes, turning halfway through. They should be lightly golden with the edges a nice golden brown. It's best to cook on parchment paper and then you can slide the cookies on a rack to cool. Not a counter.  Let them cool before eating so they get that perfect snap!

Item Amount
Main Ingredients:
Unsalted butter, softened 175g
All-Purpose flour 250g 
Homemade Castor Sugar85g
Vanilla extract½ tsp 

Chopped Toasted Pecans 75g

Tips: You can toast (5-7 minutes) and mix them with the flour after they cool to make Pecan Sandies.

Low-Fat Options: Nope.