Vanilla Syrup

Making a Latte at home is great.  making a Vanilla Latte, better.

But once you start dropping $5 or more for a quart of name-brand syrup, you start getting pissed knowing that its just water, sugar and vanilla.

Well, surprise.  It is just water, sugar and vanilla.  Make it in seconds.  Buy one of those pumps and reuse your old Torani bottle, as it will be the last one you buy anyways.

Instructions: This is what I call a light simple syrup.  Normal Simple Syrup is 2 parts Sugar to 1part water.  But that is just way to sweet for coffee use.  Torani and Monin and the rest use about a 1:1 ratio.  Add Sugar and Water, bring to just boiling so all the sugar dissolves.  Turn off the heat.  Add the vanilla.  Stir. Let Cool.  Bottle.
Item Amount
Main Ingredients:
Water 2½ cup
Sugar 2½ cup 
Vanilla Extract5 TBS

Tips: Hmm...  Boil water...  Add Sugar...  Add Vanilla.

Nope.  I'm out.

Low-Fat Options: Seriously?