Pinto Beans

Canned Beans are about as good as anything canned.  Bad.

But homemade beans are so amazingly and distinctively different than anything you can get out of a can, you'll wonder if you're even eating the same thing.
And did I mention easy?  I didn't.  But I should have.  Use a crockpot and you've got about 10 minutes time invested in it.

Instructions: Most importantly sort the beans.  Not by size.  Go through the beans and toss any bad beans and stones that invariably end up in every bag.

Stones are not good to eat and damage most teeth.  (Except for "Jaws" in the earlier Bond films.)

Then Rinse the beans.

Now you can throw everything in a pot on the stove or in a crock pot.  Cover with about 1-2 inches of water.  Simmer for two hours or until tender on the stove, and for about 8 in a crock pot.  Your crock pot may vary.  Not valid in New York.

Stir it up a bit to disperse the seasonings and salt.

When done cooking, salt and pepper to taste.

Item Amount
Main Ingredients:
Pinto Beans 2 lbs
Salt 5tsp
Pepper2 tsp
Onion, medium chopped1 each
Garlic, pressed 1 large clove
Ham¼ lbs
Sea Salt & Ground Pepper to taste

Tips: This is dirt simple.  Plus, they freeze well, so make a bunch and toss in the freezer.

 Low-Fat Options: Besides the ham, there's no fat in this.  Choose a lean cut of ham.