Sun Dried Tomato Vinegarette

Salad and Salad Dressing. But it's really the dressing that matters.

Seriously, you can take the same salad and dress it up different ways to be totally different. It's like the CosPlay of the dinner table.

So lets make an easy one that just requires a few ingredients and a good blender.

Most dressings are 1 part acid to 4 parts oil. You could do 1:3 ratio if the acid isn't that strong - like lemon.

But here, we're using red wine vinegar, so we'll stick to 1:4.

Now your sun dried tomatoes may be packed in oil or just plain dried. If they are packed in olive oil, you can reserve that as part of the oil that you need. It's already infused with a lot of flavor.

So here's the hard part. Put everything in the blender and push play.


Main Ingredients:
Sun Dried Tomatoes8.5 oz jar (ish)
Red Wine Vinegar1/3 cups
Extra Virgin Olive Oil1 1/3 cup
Garlic Cloves2 each
Salt and Pepperto taste

Experiment with different types of red wine. Or even a splash of Balsamic Vinegar.

Low-Fat Options:
Well, not low fat. But at least its a healthy fat.x