Homemade Lemonade

Ahhh...  Summer. And nothing is better in summer than homemade lemonade.

To me, its all about the proportions. It can't be too sweet. It's not a soft drink meant to create sugar addictions in teens. And it can't be too sour. Something that grandma would have wanted to give misbehaving grand children.

In fact, this lemonade recipe comes from my time on my Cousin's Farm. Now these weren't young cousins, my own age, but were like my Aunt and Uncle in their upper 70's. These lazy summer days consisted of homemade BLT sandwiches (with everything coming straight from the farm) and homemade lemonade.

It was rural enough that most things were homemade in that it was easier to make something from scratch than to constantly go into town and buy a loaf, lettuce, tomatoes or lemonade.  It was about 20 miles - and half of that on dirt roads.

And even though the farm has been sold and time has marched on - this recipe remains the same.

I get an old glass 1/2 gallon milk container. The type they used to deliver to the door and that you now have to take back to the store. Mainly, because that's how it was served as a kid. Obviously, make sure it's clean.

Squeeze the Lemons. I suggest a machine.

Add the sugar to container. Add the lemon juice.

Fill the container to the top. Makes 2 quarts.

Fresh Squeezed Lemon Juice2 cups
Sugar1 cup
WaterAbout 1 1/2 quarts

Add a sprig of mint or lavender.