Smooth Multi Grain Bread

White Bread is OK. But a bit bland. Wheat Bread is good too. But, it's just wheat. So what about a smooth multi-grain bread with homemade starter?

Yeah, that's pretty good.

So this recipe varies. Based on your own starter yeast and your own Bread Machine. So view this as a starting point.

If you are starting to cook immediately, put the water and Bread Machine yeast in first.  If you are adding the ingredients and can program a delayed start, put the water in first and the yeast last, not in contact with the water.  Bake according to the settings on your machine for a 2 lb wheat loaf.

Water1 cup
Olive Oil, extra virgin2 TBS
Sugar2 TBS
Bread Flour2 2/3 cups
Wheat Flour2/3 cup
Rye Flour1/3 cup
Salt1 1/2 tsp
Instant Yeast1/4 tsp
Homemade Starter2/3 cup

Yield: 2 lb loaf

Your homemade starter is the big variant. Some of them produce a lot of CO2 that makes the bread rise a lot. Some, vary little. So the amount of regular baking yeast that you use needs to vary with it. If your loaf ends up too dense, add more yeast. If it rises too much, use less.

My favorite bread flour is Bob's Red Mill Artisan Bread Flour.